New Natupol Booster hive ideal for pollinating short-flowering crops

Koppert Biological Systems is launching the Natupol Booster. This innovative bumblebee hive has been specially developed for short-flowering crops. Natupol Booster gives pollination an extra impulse and assures growers of efficient pollination, even if the weather is less than favourable. The hive is also environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Most outdoor crops have a maximum flowering period of one to four weeks. However, the hives available on the market that are suitable for use with outdoor crops have a much longer lifespan. Natupol Booster has been specially developed for crops with a short flowering period, and is available at a more attractive price. It does however offer all the advantages off pollination by bumblebees. 

The crops concerned include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums, apricots, sweet cherries, sour cherries, avocado, kiwi, pumpkin, watermelon, apple varieties, pear varieties, seed-producing crops, and fodder crops like clover and alfalfa. 

Patented and sustainable
The bumblebees in a Natupol Booster hive pollinate the crop quickly and intensively. As a result the grower can be assured of efficient pollination at the right moment. This is even more important for outdoor crops if the growing season is less than optimal. Remco Huvermann is responsible for the pollination market at Koppert. He explains: 'In such situations, productivity often declines and the market prices for the harvested product simultaneously rise. Naturally, the grower wants to get the best fruit quality and the maximum productivity from his/her crop.'

The patented Natupol Booster comprises 85% less plastic than existing hives and is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The hive is well insulated, but thanks to extra ventilation it is also well suited to warmer climatic zones. This allows the bumblebee population to perform better.  

High expectations
Koppert has high expectations of the new hive. 'Natupol Booster offers you the best value for your money! It offers a perfect balance between effectiveness and costs.' 

Further information about the new hive can be found here.

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